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    “Hirondelle” – New Clip

    My 4-track E.P “HIRONDELLE” has been released and it is with joy to present this participatory clip accompanying the song of the same name.

    These swallow friends come from France, Japan, Iran, Ukraine, Morocco and Argentina. A big thank you to them for having responded to my call and for giving me the opportunity to make this clip with the material they sent me, and also with that which I gleaned from the paths. I hope you enjoy !

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    “Hirondelle” – New E.P

    “HIRONDELLE”, a small 4-track E.P on the road to the “Montagnes Bleues”, written, composed and recorded, for the most part, in Burgundy, is now online, available on all platforms : http://nktr.ee/ludovic.muse…

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    okishima, poem island

    A musical island The island is a living poem. This is my second time coming here and these are the words that come naturally to me. I know why. This island…

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    It was very cool that day on the island of Okishima. We came back there with the idea of ​​filming something and with the hope of the great sun. The sun…

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    At the heart of the tree in the sapwood the night does not know / The sap which flows takes the paths so close / At the edge of the void…

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    Jam Session “Cimes et Cernes”

    In Nara, in the capital of nice deer, where you can stroll in joy and tranquility under the trees, if there is a place where you know how to welcome and…

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    Concert at the Mermaid Temple

    On the paths of the Blue Mountains there are temples like living dreams, refuges for passing birds where you can still experience a few magic concerts. Thus Kannonshoji and its scent…

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    from okishima…

    This photo was taken this weekend when we arrived on the small island of Okishima, the only island inhabited on the fort, immense and deep Lake Biwa, island where with Yöko…