The Project

“Les Montagnes Bleues”, ” The Blue Mountains” in english, is a long-term project of writing, creating and recording an album, in nomadic mode, imagined as a path of encounters in several countries, with artists sensitive to the different forms of life, close to nature, with unique approaches. It is also a performative, spiritual and poetic journey, with several components.

Often writing my songs while traveling, the desire to make an album in the form of a nomadic notebook had been coming back to me for years. This desire joined, for the lover of nature that I am, the evidence of a certain artistic positioning with regard to the moment that we are going through, that of moving towards a very sensitive listening to the living, to reconnect and transmit, to better see, hear, and through song give voice to the trees, the birds, the flowers, the waters.

In the collaborations there are musicians, of course, but also painters, a calligrapher, a sculptor, etc… artists invited to illustrate this creation until the final realization of the album, which will include two parts, the one recorded in nomadic mode, and the other in the studio, at the end of the process.

The album will present itself as a sort of nomadic notebook, with a booklet retracing the adventure.

A mini mobile recording studio accompanies this adventure. The salt of these meetings can be found on this trilingual blog, French, Japanese and English, the online part of this nomadic notebook, to be followed until the final production of the album.

Works created along the way, there is also the production of E.P (mini-album), published in a limited version, unique objects related to specific themes, (birds, islands, forests, habitats, water, roots, etc.) , at certain times during the project.

At the end of this adventure we will have gone through a whole era and this project will be a source of inspiration and meaning for many people, this is my sincere wish.