Swallow Letters

from okishima…

This photo was taken this weekend when we arrived on the small island of Okishima, the only island inhabited on the fort, immense and deep Lake Biwa, island where with Yöko Takeda we are welcomed in a creative residency for a few days by Hitomi-san at ” Mizu No Sei “, the” Water Fairy “, and by the Mayor, our support here for” The Blue Mountains “, people without whom this project as a whole would not be possible, thank you to them. So here he lives! Beautiful lights on the waters for the full moon that we have just experienced and the Shinto ritual of “Shishimai”, the Lion Dance, visiting the houses in the morning to chase away bad luck and evil spirits, that’s good. put us in condition and in touch to move forward with this project, thank you to the Kamis. I can’t wait to share with you a song that I just wrote here, you will find it soon and others, and stories related to this project, on the blog. Your support for this project is important, you can participate via this link :