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Jolie pluie tour / JAPAN 2023

« jolie pluie tour /ジョリ・プリュイ・トゥール »

ジャンル:[シャンソン・ポエティック / インディー・フォーク]
Chanson poétique / Folk-indé

Soon back to the Rising Sun! About twenty dates planned for this tour which will cross on its way the spirit of “Tsuyu”, literally “rain of plums”, these hot rains which envelop Japan intermittently at this time, making the atmosphere mysterious, and giving everything their radiance to hydrangeas. To be expected, therefore, light, rain, mists, flowers, music and poetry. Also, it should be noted that I will find the calligrapher Tohkei Naomi Yana, in the dreamy Nara, for a concert with live calligraphy, the musical duo Letras in Toyooka and the pianist Yuki Nakajima in Ayabe, the Sakuhachi player Mugen Yamazawa and guitarist Hiroyuki Ishihara in Tsuruoka, in the north, as well as dancer Noriko Kimura, for two dance concerts, in Tokyo, and in Azumino, near the mountains of Nagano. I will also lead two workshops around songwriting, one in Tsuruoka and one at the Alliance Française de la belle et forte Sendai. All the information can be found on the Japanese interface of the site, the list will be completed shortly :